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Hudiksvall (Coastal area)
Kungsgården Långvindsbruk, 825 96 Enånger (show map)
B&B |
Kungsgården Långvind / Bed and Breakfast

Lenninge 9365, 821 91 Bollnäs (show map)
Guest reviews: 83% (24 of 29 recommend)
B&B |
Lenninge Herrgård B&B

Östra Stationsgatan 15, 821 42 Bollnäs (show map)
Guest reviews: 63% (5 of 8 recommend)
Hotel | The Best Western Grand Hotel is right off the central square in Bollnäs, close to stores, entertainment, public transportation and open air swimming.
Restaurant Suitable for disabled
Best Western Grand

Hanebo Kyrkväg 49, Kilafors 823 91 (show map)
Stay in a farm |
Bo på lantgård

Bollnäs (Close to lake, Close to nature, Forest area)
Gamla Orbadenvägen 86, 820 11 Vallsta (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (5 of 5 recommend)
Hotel | Spa weekend, conference, skiing, or why not just enjoy some good food and service? We do our best to ensure that your time here is filled with what you desire. Stay with us and be spoiled with luxury, Hälsingland style.
Restaurant Suitable for disabled
Orbaden Conference and Spa

Bollnäs (Close to nature)
Långnäsvägen 35, 821 42 Bollnäs (show map)
Camping | The camping centre is located with water on three sides, and is only 500 metres from the city centre and a swimming beach. Lawns, scenic walking trails and bicycle paths, café, restaurant and pub. Wi-Fi available.
Pets allowed Suitable for disabled
Bollnäs Camping

Voxbo 21, 828 93 Voxnabruk (show map)
Camping | Voxnadalens Canoeing and Camping is located on the banks of the Voxnan, a river rich in fish.
Kanot & Camping

Voxbo 121, 82893 Voxnabruk (show map)
Guest reviews: 0% (0 of 1 recommend)
Hostels |
Voxnabruks Kanot & Camping

0278-454 90, Trollbovägen 12, 82011 Vallsta (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (10 of 10 recommend)
Hostels | Trollbo Hostel in Orbaden, Bollnäs, is a small and family-owned hostel, with owners living on-site. We have a total of 20 beds in seven 2-, 3- or 4-bed rooms (no singles). One double room near the kitchen has its own shower and toilet.
Pets allowed
Trollbo SVIF Hostel in Orbaden, Bollnäs

Söderhamn (Coastal area)
Älgnäs 607, 823 92 Holmsveden (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Stay in a farmhouse of Hälsingland | The hälsingland farm, Utegården, in Älgnäs, offers luxury accommodation: the beds have silk quilts, linen sheets and in the mornings you will feast on a locally produced farmhouse breakfast. A guided tour about the farm’s history, which spans 11 g...
Stay at a Hälsingland farm, located close to the water

Turistvägen 1 Box 43, 820 40 Järvsö (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (8 of 8 recommend)
Hotel |
Restaurant Suitable for disabled
Järvsöbadens Hotell AB

Kramsta gästgårdsvägen 5, 820 40 Järvsö (show map)
B&B |
Kramsta B&B

Skålsjön 302 Skålsjön 302, 828 95 Viksjöfors (show map)
B&B |

Näsbyn 205, 82292 Alfta (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (10 of 10 recommend)
Stay in a farmhouse of Hälsingland |
Wireless access
Hälsingegården Erik-Jons

Stenbomsgatan 2, 821 42 Bollnäs (show map)
Hotel | Scandic in Bollnäs is centrally located, in the middle of the Swedish countryside. The view over Lake Warpen is breathtaking. Exercise in our gym, relax in the sauna, or why not go for a day of skiing in Järvsö Ski Area?
Restaurant Suitable for disabled
Scandic Bollnäs

Gamla Orbadenvägen 69, 820 11 Vallsta (show map)
Guest reviews: 50% (1 of 2 recommend)
Hotel | Orbaden in the beautiful Ljusnan River valley is a well known tourist attraction in Hälsingland. Vilan has been in Orbaden since the 1920s. During the 1990s Vilan was enlarged to make the current hotel and restaurant.
Restaurant Suitable for disabled
Vilan Hotel and Restaurant

Knyssla 8381, 821 98 Rengsjö (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (4 of 4 recommend)
Hostels | STF Hostel Rengsjö is situated on a beautiful Hälsinge farm, where animals have been reared and the land harvested since the 17th century, offering a genuine Hälsinge experience.
Rengsjö/Knyssla, STF Hostel

Häredalsvägen 17 Lassekrog, 82042 Korskrogen (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (2 of 2 recommend)
Hotel | Forest rambles through the Ljusnan Nature Reserve are waiting for you at Lassekrogs Gästgiveri, and excursions by ski, dog sled or snowshoe, ice fishing, and exploring the forests. The forest, the natural world and peace are just around the corner.
Restaurant Suitable for disabled
Lassekrog, STF Hotel

Svedjavägen 30, 82393 Segersta (show map)
Guest reviews: 100% (7 of 7 recommend)
B&B | - a great alternative to hotels at B & B prices - modern conveniences in a rustic setting and scenic surroundings - located between Bollnäs and Söderhamn - personal and low key style
Kullerbacka Guesthouse

Hudiksvall (Close to nature)
Sörhoga 4, 820 65 Forsa (show map)
Guest reviews: 25% (1 of 4 recommend)
Stay in a farmhouse of Hälsingland |
Bo på Hälsingegård / Sörhoga Lantgård

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