Helsinglight Art Gallery - Grand Opening Night, Sweden

Location: Nordanstig
Category: Events & Exhibitions
Date: Friday 29 jun 2018 - Sunday 1 Jul 2018

You are most cordially invited to the Grand Opening celebration reception of Helsinglight Art Gallery, Sweden. Featured are the expressionistic acrylic paintings and eccentric taxidermy artwork by Petra Shara Stoor, artist and owner of Helsinglight Art Gallery.

Helsinlight Art Gallery is a brand new establishment in Hälsingland, mid north of Sweden. The art gallery will showcase and highlight both alternative art as well as traditional art. The goal is to promote artistic renewal and find ways to new art forms by being a bridge between marginalized, subcultural art forms and traditional expressions.

Helsinglight Art Gallery is going to be an artistic platform where artists regardless of genre, alternative or traditional culture, are highlighted and promoted on equal terms.

During the opening night you will also be able to tour the entire project/building of Helsinglight where we will share our vision, dreams and future plans for this creative mansion. Fredrik Fernlund, co-owner of Helsinglight will take you on this tour around the house.

We will keep you updated with further dates for when Helsinglight Art Gallery will be open to visit in summer 2018. To book a private viewing or to visit as a big group, please contact Petra Shara Stoor for more information and booking. petra@helsinglight.com

We hope you join us for this special event!

When: Opening night Friday 29th June, 6pm - late, Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1 July, 11-6pm

Where: Helsinglight Art Gallery, Vattlång 114, 82071 Ilsbo

Further dates for when Helsinglight Art Gallery will be open this summer will be updated on our website and Facebook page.

//Petra Shara Stoor & Fredrik Fernlund


Petra Shara Stoor is impression and expression; The artist who knows when to let life feed her with its everlasting input and when to just let it all out, breaking every rule of conventionality in the process.

As a native of East Botnia, Finland, she grew up in a rural environment. Close to nature she witnessed the neverending circumambulation of life and death and developed that special eye for details; How there's a metamorphosis in the making everywhere. How Alpha turns Omega only to rise again, entering yet a new circle of existence.

Petra Shara Stoors experience includes a wide range of creative and artistic endeavours, including skull art, painting, SFX makeup artistry, mask work, hair design and props for commercial and private sectors. Her work can be seen in various films, stage plays and music productions. She also works as a teacher in the art of SFX Makeup as well as hosting/arranging events in the alternative scene.

”When we pay attention to our feelings, thoughts and behaviours we increase our presence and awareness. We develop and gain insights about our values and attitudes. We can among other things, reflect by to seeing, feeling, hearing ... What do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear? Are you currently in the presence of my art?” - Petra Shara Stoor



Date Time Arena/Place
29 Jun
Friday 29 jun 2018 18:00 - 23:30  
30 Jun
Saturday 30 jun 2018 11:00 - 18:00  
1 Jul
Sunday 1 jul 2018 11:00 - 18:00  


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Petra Shara Stoor, Helsinglight Art Gallery

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