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Address: Vallmovägen Box 17, 82040 Järvsö

Järvzoo, the Nordic region’s Wilderness Park offers lots of excitement, and is a close neighbour of Järvsöbacken. In the nearby village of Järvsö there are several restaurants and cafes offering play areas and special menus just for the children.

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  • Golf course
    Järvsöbadens Golfklubb 1 km
  • City
    Järvsö 1 km
    Bollnäs 42 km
  • Train station
    Järvsö Tågstation 1 km
  • Attraction
    Järvsöbacken 2 km
  • Tourist information
    Stenegård - Besökscenter 2 km

Nearby accommodations


Kramsta B&B

Distance: 1.2 km

The Wolf hotel - unique accommodation

Distance: 1 meters
Many have stayed in hotels, but few have slept in a hotels with wolves literally outside the window. The Wolf hotel offers five double rooms with panorama windows facing the park's wolf enclosure where the wolves have access to the grounds every centimetre right up to your window.

Järvsöbadens Hotell AB

Distance: 666 meters