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  • Four friends - Come, meet Sweden and the Swedish horses. A journey in time and space.

Four friends - Come, meet Sweden and the Swedish horses. A journey in time and space.

Five action-packed days and nights exclusively for you and your friends. Would you like to go riding in the woods, are you brave enough to stay in a cabin in the mountain pastures deep in the bewitching forest? Would you like to see the stars from a floating sauna on the river Ljusnan’s calm clear waters? Would you like to stay at UNESCO world Heritage accommodation? And enjoy Swedish food, locally sourced and freshly cooked.

Day 1. Welcome to Stall Stråtjära. We begin with a presentation of the week’s programme in English or Dutch, we use English for the week. During the evening it is time for the meal and a horse ride on North Swedish horses, which over the following two days will be yours on the two-day tour to the farm’s mountain pasture.

Day 2. You will now be riding to the farm’s mountain pasture together with your guide on beautiful bridle paths where you will be able to enjoy the forest. All you will hear is the clip- clopping of the horses and the murmuring forest. Your guide will tell you about the forest animals and the mountain pasture’s historic importance for the farm. While the horses are grazing in the pasture, you will be fixing the food, carried away by the bright summer evening.

Day 3. In the morning there will be a leisurely ride back to the farm.
Just in time for a late lunch you will have driven to Kungsholmen, an old naval hotel on the river Ljusnan. Now you’ll hear exciting stories of naval life. You will be spoiled with delicious locally sourced food and be able to stroll through the surrounding area. You can challenge each other to the Kungsholmen’s thrilling “triathlon”. In the evening, the raft will be waiting for you with a wood-fired outdoor barrel bath and lit candles. The stars are out and the water is clean and clear.

Day 4. This exciting day draws you into the forest to meet the North Swedish working horses and their owners Tur o Ton. At a leisurely pace you ride along narrow forest tracks where you can taste, smell, see and listen to Hälsingland’s history through the spoken word and music. Close to the fire in the log cabin you are invited to enjoy a meal of local delicacies.
It is a day of contrasts and you continue your journey with a drive to Bollnäs trotting track. The evening meal is served at the restaurant at the trotting track. Best of all: you will get the opportunity to try double sulky together with an experienced driver! Once the evening comes, we drive to Erik-Anders in Asta, a charming and comfortable bed & breakfast located on a unique UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 5. After breakfast and a guided tour at Erik-Anders, our journey together does not have to end, you can add a visit to a modern riding school with well-trained warmblood horses. During lunch, which is served in the school’s cafeteria, you gain insight into how Swedish riding clubs operate with youth activities, competitions and much more. You will now have become acquainted with the North Sweden race of horses, as a saddle horse for riding, racing and trotting.
Your journey through the countryside has given you some knowledge of Sweden and Swedish history.
You journey home with memories that will last a long, long time ...

This is included in the price
- Introduction and programme for the week in English or Dutch. The rest of the week is in English.
- All travel between the places we visit are described well.
- All meals: breakfast, lunch, “refreshments” and evening meals from afternoon tea on the first day to breakfast on the final day including table water.
- A night at Stall Stråtjära in a twin room, with shared shower and toilet in the building.
- An overnight stay in the herdsman’s cottage with a dry privy, in very simple and old- fashioned accommodation.
- One night at Kungsholmen, genuine and old-fashioned accommodation in the naval hotel. Twin room with toilet and shower in the building. A wood-fired outdoor barrel bath and lit candles.
- Half-day trip with Tur o Ton.
- Admission and evening meal at Bollnäs Travbana (trotting track).
- One night in shared double room at UNESCO world heritage accommodation.
- Riding for approximately five hours on a North Swedish horse.

May be added
- Shuttle service between the places we visit, from the train station in Söderhamn on day one, to ending day five. PRICE SEK 2,600 per person This offer may also be used by guests who arrive by car!
- Optional: One hour riding lesson day five on Swedish warmblood horses incl lunch PRICE SEK 1,040 per person

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