The Hälsingland farm Pallars in Älvkarhed

Address: Älvkarhed 417, 828 95 Viksjöfors Show map

Address: Älvkarhed 417, 828 95 Viksjöfors

Pallars is a stylish merchant home built around 1880, located next to to the old gravel road which runs to Falun. The dwelling house, a shop and a storage building remain intact from the time when a country store was in operation on the farm. The buildings exhibit characteristics typical of Voxnadalen (Voxna Valley), but also several unique carpentry details.

The village of Älvkarhed has been declared of national interest for its significant variety of extant buildings and its original farming environment. On the farm there are also grazing animals with older species typical of the area such as native sheep from Hälsingland, mountain cows, Linderöd pigs, Hedemora hens and horses.
The farm’s own products such as yarn, organic lamb skins, and books by the authors themselves (book signing) are for sale.

Pallars’ newly opened shop and hardware store also sells organic delicacies and lots of other exciting items that you would find in a country store. Cafe with organic ingredients and Fair Trade coffee (min. 6 persons). Conference opportunity in beautiful Hälsingland with local and organic food must be booked in advance.
Tour of the farm by appointment (min. 6 persons or group).
Ring for more information about prices.

Pallars: Stay in a Hälsingland farm also offers 3-4 beds for overnight accommodation.

• Guided tours of Pallars farm are offered and must be booked in advance.
• Cafe with Fair Trade coffee, herbal teas and home-made bread and cakes made from organic ingredients (9/6-30/9)
• Overnight accommodation, 3-4 beds.
• Older country store where you can buy products related to Hälsingland’s cultural heritage.
• The opportunity to see old native breeds such as Hedemora hens, native sheep, mountain cows, Lindeöd pigs etc.
• Lecture in agrarian history (only for groups).

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    Älvkarhed 417
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    828 95 Viksjöfors

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