The Hälsingland farm Gästgivars (World Heritage farm)

Address: Gamla Orbadenvägen 29, 820 11 Vallsta Show map

Address: Gamla Orbadenvägen 29, 820 11 Vallsta

Gästgivars in Vallsta is one of the unique Hälsingland farms on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Hälsingland farm Gästgivars is an old inn with parts of it dating back to the 18th century. The farm building has beautiful interior paintings by Jonas Wallström, including among others, the original to the famous wallpaper Gästgivars (“Gästgivarstapeten”). The farm sells paper towels, trays and gift wrapping paper which has the “Gästgivars pattern” on it. Large exhibition where you can buy beautiful arts and crafts. The small barn has clothing and other items for children which they can dress up in, wooden animals, kitchenware and books etc.

Gästgivars in Vallsta is one of the unique Hälsingland farms on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A selection from the programme: Tuesdays in July “Fun with arts and crafts for children” (booking in advance required) and a knitting café. Wednesdays in July and 1 August, the artisans will be at work and coffee will be served. Saturday, coffee/tea served.

The products made by the artisans are sold throughout the winter in Vallsta.

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