Church boat rowing on Dellen

Address: Dellenbadsparken Norrbo Date: Friday 1 jun 2018 - Wednesday 28 Aug 2019 Show map

Address: Dellenbadsparken Norrbo

Excursion rowing on lake Dellen, about two hours. Also suitable for inexperienced rowers. Space for 14 rowers, officer and 10 passengers. Please bring your own refreshments and life jackets for the kids.

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Date Time Location    
1 Jun
Friday 1 jun 2018 Dellenbadens festplats
2 Jun
Saturday 2 jun 2018 Dellenbadens festplats
3 Jun
Sunday 3 jun 2018 Dellenbadens festplats
4 Jun
Monday 4 jun 2018 Dellenbadens festplats

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