Ångersjöns bathing

Address: Ångersjön, Hudiksvall Date: Monday 1 may 2017 - Monday 15 Oct 2018 Show map

Address: Ångersjön, Hudiksvall

Family swimming facilities located at the campsite. Beach, dock, barbecue, changing cabins, and dry closet. The facility is handicapped accessible. Subject to change.

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Date Location    
1 May
Tuesday 1 may 2018 Ångersjöns Café & Vildmarkscamping
2 May
Wednesday 2 may 2018 Ångersjöns Café & Vildmarkscamping
3 May
Thursday 3 may 2018 Ångersjöns Café & Vildmarkscamping
4 May
Friday 4 may 2018 Ångersjöns Café & Vildmarkscamping

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