Norrbo homestead

Address: Gammelsträng, 820 64 Näsviken Date: Thursday 3 sep 2015 - Tuesday 10 Jul 2018 Show map

Address: Gammelsträng, 820 64 Näsviken

Every Wednesday in June, July and August there are folk music festivals where music interested and folk musicians gather.

Salpeter barn, lodge and two old styled firestations and an accordian exhibition.

Summer cafe at 13:00 to 20:00 every day between June 22 - 31juli

For tour of the farm contact Stig Schröder tel. 070-333 84 33.

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Date Location    
16 Aug
Wednesday 16 aug 2017 Norrbo Hembygdsgård
17 Aug
Thursday 17 aug 2017 Norrbo Hembygdsgård
18 Aug
Friday 18 aug 2017 Norrbo Hembygdsgård
19 Aug
Saturday 19 aug 2017 Norrbo Hembygdsgård

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    +46 0730-33 63 61
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    820 64 Näsviken
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