Trönö Old Church

Address: Trönö gamla kyrka, Långbro 390 , 82695 Trönödal Date: Tuesday 13 oct 2015 - Saturday 9 Feb 2019 Show map

Address: Trönö gamla kyrka, Långbro 390 , 82695 Trönödal

Medieval church from the early 12th century.

The church was probably the natural gathering point for people of the area in that time. You would gather for mass and then tell each other news outside. Thousands of people visit this church every summer, as it is one of Sweden's best-preserved medieval sanctuaries. The structure has been renovated multiple times, but great care has been given to preserving the original appearance.

There are unique sculptures by Haaken Gulleson. In summer 2008 it was appointed one of the State Antiquarian's foremost cultural-historical tourist destinations.

Phone: +46(0)70-673 44 88

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23 Mar
Friday 23 mar 2018 Trönö Gamla Kyrkan
24 Mar
Saturday 24 mar 2018 Trönö Gamla Kyrkan
25 Mar
Sunday 25 mar 2018 Trönö Gamla Kyrkan
26 Mar
Monday 26 mar 2018 Trönö Gamla Kyrkan

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