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  • Horse riding with your own horse - a part of Hälsingland

Horse riding with your own horse - a part of Hälsingland

Address: Yxbo 3622 , 82198 Rengsjö Show map

Address: Yxbo 3622 , 82198 Rengsjö

Welcome to three wonderful days of riding in Hälsingland. Lovely varied riding paths through forests and over mountains. You will ride past churches and the characteristic red-painted houses. You will live right in the center of Hälsingland's history at "Janjans" farm in Trönö and "Wannbergs" farm in Växbo. You will be a part of the history of the final farm Yxbo at the end of the trip.

Your vacation starts in the newly furnished farm Yxbo in Rengsjö. It is best to start early, as the road is long. We will have coffee and walk you through the road and the use of the GPS. We will have lunch in a beautiful spot on the road to Trönö. The day ends at Janjans with a box or pen for the horses and a guest house for us humans. In the evening you will have dinner at the old Hälsingland Farm and get to hear an exciting story about the loyalty and sense of duty which shaped the history of the farm. The next day you ride for Växbo, which is the longest leg of the trip. Just after the little cottages in Trolldalen, which all have their own stories, you will reach Wannbergs. This house still stands steady despite never being renovated, as if impervious to the passing of time. You will have dinner in the light of a kerosene lamp. The third leg will bring you back to Yxbo and present day.

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