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Xperience the world heritage "Farmhouses of Hälsingland"

21 Jul 2019 - 30 Sep 2019
Occasion: Not specified

TO DO Enjoy the farmhouses of Hälsingland on a three days package trip. Get the chance to visit two world heritage farmhouses, two world heritage center, one four-built farmhouse and...

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Hälsingland farm Erik-Anders (World Heritage farm)

Area: Söderhamn (28 km to Växbo Lin)  Map

Bur Tour, Guidning, Visitcenter [...] Erik-Anders is one of the seven farms which are on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The farm was built in the early 19th century and is located on the old meandering country lane t...

Ystegårns Café & Bistro

Area: Hudiksvall (40 km to Växbo Lin)  Map

Mat o Dryck, Restaurant, Café [...] We invite you to a relaxing experience in one of Sweden’s most historical settings that is Hälsingland.

Ystegårn Hillsta (copy)

Area: Hudiksvall (40 km to Växbo Lin)  Map

Culture & Attraction, Farmhouse of Hälsingland, Öppna gårdar [...] Ystegårn is known for its beautiful "Forsa Doors” carved by Jöns Månsson.

Berglocks Sheep farm/Studio Berglock

21 Jul 2019 - 20 Jul 2024
Area: Hudiksvall (41 km to Växbo Lin)  Map
Occasion: Not specified

Barnens Hälsingland, Farmhouse of Hälsingland, Shopping & Retail [...] In Sörforsa near Rv 84 is our KRAV-certified sheep farm, where we breed Gotland sheep. Shop with sheepskin, lambskin and div sheepskin products. Also lamb meat for sale. 1st of...

Tour of "Decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland"

Area: Hudiksvall (43 km to Växbo Lin)  Map

Culture & Attraction, Farmhouse of Hälsingland Three day tour of famrhouses och Hälsingland.

Norrbo homestead

21 Jul 2019 - 31 Dec 2021
Area: Hudiksvall (48 km to Växbo Lin)  Map
Occasion: Not specified

Farmhouse of Hälsingland, Homestead Every Wednesday in June, July and August there are folk music festivals where music interested and folk musicians gather.

Engbergs i Stavsäter / Hälsingegård.

Area: Järvsö-Ljusdal (53 km to Växbo Lin)  Map

Öppna gårdar, Mat o Dryck

Hälsingland Farm "Ersk-Mats"

21 Jul 2019 - 2 Nov 2019
Area: Nordanstig (84 km to Växbo Lin)  Map
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Culture & Attraction, Group & Conference, Monumental [...] Welcome to visit the Hälsingland Farm Ersk-Mats, - an old traditional farmhouse of Hälsingland

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